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Why Growth Stocks Now?

John P. Calamos Sr.

John P. Calamos, Sr., global co-CIO, explains why he believes growth stocks are especially attractive.

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¡Viva La Reforma! Part II

Nick Niziolek

Economic reforms in Mexico continue to provide tailwinds for investment opportunities, according to Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek.

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

John McClenahan, CPA, CFA

John McClenahan, head of risk management, discusses the factors that are favoring early cyclicals.

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Is the Five-Year Assault on Bank Earnings Power Finally “Tapering”?

Christopher Mashia, CFA, U.S. Financials Sector Head

Christopher Mashia, U.S. Financials Sector Head, discusses the pressure points that have impeded the earnings power of large-cap banks since the onset of the financial crisis, and explains why Calamos believes these headwinds are likely to dissipate over the next few years.

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Yellen and Putin: New Odd Couple Driving the Markets

Gary Black

Global Co-CIO Gary Black provides his perspective on the market’s response to the combination of Russia’s provocative convoy and the Fed’s dovish comments at Jackson Hole.

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The Opportunity in High Yield

Jeremy Hughes, CFA and Chris Langs, CFA

Co-Portfolio Managers Jeremy Hughes, CFA and Chris Langs, CFA explain the technical factors that fueled July’s high yield selloff. They discuss current asset class fundamentals, valuations, and where Calamos sees the most compelling prospects.

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Putin and the Fed Keep Giving Us Buying Opportunities

Gary Black

Global Co-CIO Gary Black discusses the situation in Ukraine and why he believes we remain in the middle innings of a secular bull market.

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EM Growth Provides Tailwind for Automation Companies

Nick Niziolek and Paul Ryndak

Firsthand insights from a recent trip to Asia support the Calamos investment team’s view of automation as an exciting secular growth theme.

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Why Higher Quality May Mean Higher Risk

Eli Pars, CFA

Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars, CFA, discusses issuance trends in the convertible marketplace. He also speaks to the potential advantages of investing in convertibles with a range of credit qualities.

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Distortions in “Value”: Overpaying for Yield

Jeff Miller

Co-PM Jeff Miller explains how a global quest for yield is driving performance across the U.S. value stock market, and why the Calamos Value Team is not getting caught up in the chase.

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