Market Perspectives

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Economic Outlook, April 2017

Our Investment Committee discusses the health of the U.S. and global economies, the impact of politics on the markets, and why they believe the markets can move higher from here.

Economic Review and Outlook, January 2017

Our Investment Committee considers the potential impact of a new presidential administration on the economy, and shares their views on interest rates, market volatility and opportunities across asset classes.

Economic Outlook, October 2016

In “Politics, Populism and Policy: Confronting Another ‘Wall of Worry,’” the Calamos Investment Committee discusses positioning in an environment of uncertainty.

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Economic Outlook, July 2016

As U.S. equity markets soar, the Calamos Investment Committee considers the risks and opportunities in the global financial markets.

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Calamos Economic Outlook, April 2016

Our positioning remains cautious but not defensive. In a slow growth environment, growth stocks remain attractive, but a weakening dollar and stimulative central bank policies have created select opportunities among cyclicals.

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Calamos Economic Outlook, January 2016

The markets have gotten off to a rocky start in 2016. While we expect volatility to remain elevated, we see a range of opportunities across asset classes.

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Calamos Economic Outlook, October 2015

We remain positive about opportunities in growth equities and convertibles but expect volatility to remain elevated amid fiscal and monetary policy uncertainties.

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