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Our magazine provides educational and thought provoking content which we hope will stimulate, challenge and inspire our clients.

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Calamos Global Exchange Spring 2014

Articles on asset allocation, retirement and “nuggets of wisdom” are included in our Spring 2014 Calamos Global Exchange. You will also find an inspiring story about a successful businessman who struggled to rise out of poverty and provide a secure life for his son.

Calamos Global Exchange Fall 2013

The fall 2013 Calamos Global Exchange includes articles about the recovering economy and investing in a rising interest rate environment. We also learn about a true life of resilience and how to prevent an entitlement mentality within the next generation.

Calamos Global Exchange Spring 2013

In addition to acquiring investment acumen, many wealthy families wish to become knowledgeable about ways to use their affluence well, avoid potential risks, live meaningful lives, and guide the next generation to do the same. To help capture the wisdom and tools to do so, Calamos enjoys publishing the Calamos Global Exchange.

Calamos Global Exchange Fall 2012 The fall issue of the Calamos Global Exchange covers topics including how investors should respond to election results, the global economy, family business ownership, and leading a healthy life amidst fame and fortune.
Calamos Global Exchange Spring 2012 The Spring issue of our newly named Calamos Global Exchange focuses on multiple facets of opportunity and risk. The magazine includes articles of collective wisdom about asset allocation, risk mitigation, and leading a purposeful, healthy life amidst affluence. Calamos enjoys publishing the Calamos Global Exchange to provide educational and thought provoking content which we hope will stimulate, challenge and inspire.
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August, 2014 In a FOX Business segment titled “How to Incorporate Convertible Bonds into Your Portfolio,” Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars discusses the fundamentals of convertibles and convertible arbitrage.
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August, 2014 Global Co-CIO Gary Black talks with MarketWatch’s Chuck Jaffe and appeared on the radio program Money Life on August 15. In the 12-minute interview, Gary discusses the current market environment including a recent uptick in corporate share buybacks.
John P. Calamos, Sr. on CNBC 06/30/2014
June, 2014 John Calamos, Sr. shares the firm’s mid-year outlook on CNBC.
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June, 2014 In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Gary Black comments on the U.S. and global growth outlook
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April, 2014 John Calamos, Sr. discusses the firm’s history as well as his global economic outlook in an interview with Bloomberg TV.
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April, 2014 In a live interview with FOX Business, John Calamos, Sr. shares his current thoughts on asset allocation and global opportunities.