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Private Placement Life Insurance: Strategies, Advantages, and Considerations

Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains the pros and cons of private placement life insurance for high net worth individuals in an article for Practical Tax Strategies.

Economic Outlook, July 2016

As U.S. equity markets soar, the Calamos Investment Committee considers the risks and opportunities in the global financial markets.

Growing Calamos

In an interview with Leaders Magazine, CEO John Koudounis discusses his excitement for joining the Calamos team, as well as his business focus moving forward.

After 40 Years, a Throwback Goes Back to Investing

A Q&A with John P. Calamos, Sr., covering topics such as market volatility and convertible securities, which he discussed in a recent podcast interview with reporter Chuck Jaffe, was featured in the Wall Street Journal's “Investing in Funds & ETFs” report.

Calamos Economic Outlook, April 2016

Our positioning remains cautious but not defensive. In a slow growth environment, growth stocks remain attractive, but a weakening dollar and stimulative central bank policies have created select opportunities among cyclicals.

EM Bounce or Rally? The Way Forward

With the emerging markets rallying since late January, Nick Niziolek, CFA, Co-CIO provides an emerging markets update and discusses where the team is finding opportunities for our selective approach.

For Snowbird Tax Savings, Avoid Homing Pigeon Instincts

In an article in Estate Planning, Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains why retirees relocating to a low-tax state must sufficiently cut ties with their prior home state to achieve income tax savings.

The Case for Strategic Convertible Allocations

John P. Calamos, Sr. and Eli Pars discuss the role of convertible securities within portfolios, the value of active management, and encouraging global trends within the convertible market.

Calamos Economic Outlook, January 2016

The markets have gotten off to a rocky start in 2016. While we expect volatility to remain elevated, we see a range of opportunities across asset classes.

State Taxes Can Add Up: Where do your clients live?

An article on the growing tax concern among clients by Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant was featured on and in Trusts & Estates.

Greece’s Private Sector: Hope Lies in SMEs

CEO John P. Calamos, Sr. is quoted in an article by Investment & Pensions Europe that discusses Greece's private sector as a potential road to recovery and growth.

How to Invest in Asia While Avoiding China

Co-CIO Nick Niziolek is quoted in an article by U.S. News & World Report that discusses opportunities to invest in Asia.

Changes Afoot at Calamos Investments

CEO John Calamos, Sr. and President Bob Behan are quoted in an article by the Naperville Sun, a Chicago Tribune Media Group publication, which highlights the recent leadership team promotions and acquisition.

Client Conundrum: Private Foundations vs. Donor Advised Funds

In an article published by On Wall Street, Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant compares private foundations and donor advised funds as ways to make gifts to public charities.

Calamos Economic Outlook, October 2015

We remain positive about opportunities in growth equities and convertibles but expect volatility to remain elevated amid fiscal and monetary policy uncertainties.

IPE Global Equities Article
Investing in Global Equities – Where is the Treasure?

Co-CIO Nick Niziolek is quoted in an article about the opportunities in global equities in the October issue of Investment & Pensions Europe.

Greek Election
Where Next After the Greek Election?

CEO John P. Calamos, Sr. is quoted in an article by Investment & Pensions Europe that covers Greece’s outlook post re-election of Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras.

Global Insights

Commentary and analysis from senior members of our global investment team, with an introduction from Global Co-CIO John P. Calamos. Sr.

As the Taper Begins, What’s Next for Asset Allocation?

John P. Calamos, Sr. assesses the opportunities in the global markets and the implications of macro factors on asset allocation. He discusses the Calamos framework for asset allocation built around the use of core strategies.

The Emerging Markets Growth Story: Evolving But Intact

Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek discusses some of the misperceptions that may be influencing investor sentiment about the EMs, where the Calamos team is identifying long-term opportunities, and why he believes active management will be especially important in this environment.

Calamos High Yield Investment Process

Credit research has been an integral part of the Calamos investment process since the 1970s. Jeremy Hughes, CFA, SVP and Co-Portfolio Manager provides an overview of the Calamos high yield investment process—a comprehensive, disciplined process driven by fundamental research.

Convertibles in Rising Rates Convertible securities have fixed-income qualities and can be affected by rising interest rates, but they also can take on equity qualities because of the option to convert them into a predetermined number of issuer shares. When the 10-year Treasury yield rose more than 100 basis points, Convertible returns tended to more closely reflect equity returns than bond returns.
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