Our Clients

  • Individuals & Families

    Individuals & Families

    Calamos has serviced individuals and families for over 35 years. Our clients include multi-generational families, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, working professionals, wealth inheritors and more.

    We understand that investment decisions carry great responsibility and know the efforts that go into earning money and the potential implications of losing it.

    Our founder, John P. Calamos' early experiences helped define the values of Calamos Wealth Management today. Investing on behalf of our clients is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We recognize our clients have unique stories, and their savings are intended for specific and important goals. Their assets are the result of lifetimes, even generations, of hard work and sacrifice.

    Our mission is to protect and grow our clients' wealth as we would our own. We strive to achieve that objective with the integration of world-class investment services and thoughtful wealth planning tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Family Offices

    Family Offices

    With first-hand experience, we offer global asset advisory and investment management services to family offices around the globe.

    Our clients include family offices who seek to leverage our full suite of investment advisory, asset allocation and risk management services, and those with in-house chief investment officers who seek single mandate investment strategies.

    Our servicing of the Calamos single family office, as well as our numerous client multi and single family offices, gives us a keen insight and we readily share our experience and lessons learned with our clients.

    Our firm offers its investors full transparency and is part of a publicly traded company which maintains its alignment with client interests by being majority-owned by Calamos interests.

    Our investment committee and founding family invest side-by-side with our clients.

  • Endowments & Foundations

    Endowments & Foundations

    Calamos appreciates the value of longevity and creating a legacy for the future. Our long-term view gives us unique insight into the needs of endowments & foundations who provide support to causes over a specific time period or in perpetuity. Calamos has experience helping non-profits and charitable organizations protect and grow their assets over time to enable them to execute on their missions.

    Having experience in managing assets for endowments and foundations, Calamos has expertise in helping clients navigate the challenges associated with uncertain fund inflows and investment returns used to fund spending commitments. To help overcome these challenges, Calamos serves both endowment & foundation clients who seek to leverage our full suite of investment advisory, asset allocation and risk management services, and those with in-house asset allocation professionals seeking single mandate investment strategies.

    Many Calamos associates are personally involved with non-profits and charitable organizations. Insights gained from board service, coupled with their experience transitioning client assets from one generation to the next, provide our clients with a valuable perspective on governance, discretionary responsibility and spending management.

  • Business Owners

    Business Owners

    Calamos has insight into the unique challenges facing closely-held businesses and their owners. Our services are built to support business-owners through various stages including business building, personal wealth creation, business transition, and preservation.

    Our solutions are tailored to each client and based upon our own years of experience building value, managing an enduring business, transitioning ownership and going public.

    As a publicly traded and employee owned firm, we're able to focus on the needs of our clients today, tomorrow and into the future. Our clients benefit from the integrity, stability and reliability that are inherent in our corporate structure.

    For many of our clients, their business accounts for a majority of their personal wealth. Calamos Wealth Management has experience in working with clients to help meet the financial needs of the business while also considering personal wealth objectives.

    We work with internal and external specialists and professionals to explore the company's need for capital, the management succession plan, the asset allocation in personal portfolios, family income needs, as well as many other items.