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  • Investment Advisory

    Investment Advisory

    Our primary objective is the preservation and growth of our clients' wealth. The success of that goal requires a disciplined investment process, starting with a relevant asset allocation and program design. An asset allocation takes into account all objectives including spending needs, savings goals, time horizons, risk tolerances, and the desires to pass on wealth. We are able to build a program from scratch or begin by assessing a client's current situation.

    Our wealth management team applies Calamos investment expertise and experience to our clients' personal circumstances and develops a tailored and strategic asset allocation. We implement our clients' asset allocation through a combination of Calamos Advisor LLC investment strategies and carefully selected independent third party investment managers.

    What makes us unique?

    • We have based our investment philosophy around the belief that the key to consistent, long-term success is achieving an optimal balance between enhancing returns and managing risk.
    • Led by our co-chief investment officers, our investment committee meets regularly to ensure each client's asset allocation aligns with our analysis of the market environment, its risks and opportunities.
    • Our investment process seeks to manage risk at the security, industry, sector and asset class levels and draws upon our experience having invested for over 35 years and through many market cycles.
    • We believe in using convertible securities and emerging market strategies as a core in strategic allocations.
    • We are pioneers in utilizing convertible securities to enhance returns and manage risk.
    • We believe the growth of global middle class consumption is a multi-decade secular trend and integrate emerging markets as a core component of strategic allocations.
    • We offer distinct strategies to optimize income opportunities.
    • Our investment team utilizes proprietary research and data gathered over more than three decades, as well as a proprietary state-of-the art technology system.

    Our Process

    Our Process
  • Wealth Planning

    Wealth Planning

    Our Wealth Planning team works closely with our clients' legal and tax advisors to provide information and counsel to clients and their families on trust and estate, tax, and financial planning matters as they relate to the client's personal goals and overall investment strategy.

    By integrating wealth planning and investment advisory services, we seek to help our clients arrive at the most comprehensive, dynamic solutions for meeting their families' current needs and for preserving and growing their capital over generations.

    • Estate Planning
    • Succession Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Business planning for Owners
    • Tax Guidance for Individuals & Families
    • Retirement Planning
  • Education & Peer Networking

    Education & Peer Networking

    Clients desire to preserve their wealth and ensure it provides full and focused lives for themselves, their children and future generations. Having worked with families for over 35 years gives us a unique ability to provide meaningful education & peer networking programs.

    We offer clients opportunities to interact with peers, learn from leading experts, share best practices and educate the next generation about the responsibilities of wealth. Our learning programs are offered through events, podcasts, blogs, white papers, and one-on-one discussions with family members.

    Client Networking & Education

    • Annual Family Financial Summit
    • Building & Preserving Wealth regional roundtables
    • Single Family Office C-Suite member organization
    • New Client Calamos Open House
    • Client appreciation events & activities


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    • Calamos Global Exchange magazine

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    • Wealth planning and investment strategy podcasts
    • Expert blogs
    • Whitepapers and research

    Customized Client Relationship Communication Plan

    • Annual relationship reviews
    • Quarterly updates
    • Customized plan
    • Reporting & Analytics
      • Monthly statements
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