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Road is Open for Convertible Debt

Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars is quoted in a Wall Street Journal piece on the upswing in the convertible market.

FTSE Drops Argentina, Demotes Morocco: Mind Your ETF Index

A Barron's article discussing changes from index provider FTSE includes quoted insights from Calamos.

A Rough Guide to Convertible Bonds

Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars is quoted in an Engaged Investor article explaining potential opportunities in convertible bonds.

Calamos Turns to Pimco Playbook for ETF Launch

Ignites quotes Global Co-CIO Gary Black in an article about the launch of Calamos’ first ETF, focusing on the fact that the ETF and corresponding mutual fund should very closely track each other.

Calamos Makes a Splash in Active Equity ETF Arena

Global Co-CIO Gary Black is quoted in an article published by ETF Trends that highlights Calamos as an early leader in the active equity ETF space.

Spotlight on Convertible Bonds

In a piece for Investment Week, John P. Calamos, Sr. comments on the resurgence of convertible bonds and the importance of actively managing convertible allocations.

John Calamos: cyclical uptick could drive record converts issuance

This article by Citywire includes quotes from an interview with John Calamos, Sr. and Eli Pars, Co-Portfolio Manager, in which they discussed convertible securities and the current market environment.

Emerging markets: Still more good news than bad In an article written for IPE, John P. Calamos, Sr. discusses his views on the current opportunities for investing in the emerging markets.
Convertible Bonds for Risky Times John P. Calamos, Sr. is featured in RBC's Perspectives Newsletter, discussing his case for convertible bonds. The June 2013 issue's theme was "Realities of Risk."
John P. Calamos, Sr. is Cautiously Optimistic The National Herald, a Greek-American publication, published a story highlighting John Calamos, Sr.'s speech at the Economist magazine's conference in Athens.
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Eli Pars on Fox
August, 2014 In a FOX Business segment titled “How to Incorporate Convertible Bonds into Your Portfolio,” Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars discusses the fundamentals of convertibles and convertible arbitrage.
Gary Black on Money Life Show
August, 2014 Global Co-CIO Gary Black talks with MarketWatch’s Chuck Jaffe and appeared on the radio program Money Life on August 15. In the 12-minute interview, Gary discusses the current market environment including a recent uptick in corporate share buybacks.
Gary Black on Bloomberg 06/13/2014
June, 2014 In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Gary Black comments on the U.S. and global growth outlook
John P. Calamos, Sr. on Bloomberg 04/28/2014
April, 2014 John Calamos, Sr. discusses the firm’s history as well as his global economic outlook in an interview with Bloomberg TV.
John P. Calamos, Sr. on Fox Business News 04/28/2014
April, 2014 In a live interview with FOX Business, John Calamos, Sr. shares his current thoughts on asset allocation and global opportunities.
John P. Calamos, Sr. on FOX Business 03/07/2014 (Part 1)
March, 2014 On FOX Business, John Calamos, Sr. shares his market outlook, focusing on growth investing, sectors of opportunity and asset allocation.