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Dave Gallagher
Dave Gallagher, CFA

Vice President, International Financials Sector Head
14 years of industry experience

Dave Gallagher is responsible for leading the research effort for the international financials sector. In this capacity, he conducts top-down and fundamental analysis on the international financials sector and makes portfolio recommendations to the co-portfolio managers. Based in our London office, Dave joined the firm in 2005 and has 14 years of industry experience, including tenure at J.P. Morgan Chase. He received a B.S. in Finance from Indiana University.

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Investment Team Voices | Calamos Investments
Nick Niziolek | Calamos Investments

India vs. Brazil: A Contrast in Fundamentals

Nick Niziolek, CFA; Dennis Cogan, CFA; and Dave Gallagher, CFA

As a comparison of India and Brazil illustrates, EMs are on varying economic reform and monetary policy trajectories, with different levels of exposure to falling commodity prices. Selectivity remains essential against this backdrop.

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