Market Perspectives

The “Fasten Seatbelt” Sign Has Been Turned On October, 2015

Our international team assesses the volatility and risks in the markets and their impact on positioning decisions.

U.S. High Yield Outlook October, 2015

We believe the high yield market offers compelling return potential over the next 12 months, especially relative to other segments of the fixed income market.

Todd Speed on Bloomberg Radio
June, 2015 VP, Portfolio Specialist Todd Speed shares the firm’s perspective on emerging markets in an interview with Bloomberg Radio’s Carol Massar and Cory Johnson.
John P. Calamos, Sr. on Fox Business
April, 2015

In an interview from the Milken Institute Global Conference, John P. Calamos, Sr. discusses the firm’s current thoughts on valuations and the market.

John P. Calamos, Sr. on CNBC 03/27/2015
March, 2015

John P. Calamos, Sr. discusses the use of convertible securities to manage risk in a rising interest rate environment.