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The Game is Changing

John McClenahan, head of risk management, explores which types of stocks have tended to perform well in different economic environments and some of the factors that are influencing the market today.

If Henry Ford Could See Us Now

Stephen Roseman, consumer sector head, discusses how Calamos team identifies compelling prospects in the auto industry.

When Stocks Behave Like Bonds

Global Co-CIO Gary Black shares his perspective on recent stock market volatility and explains why he believes high-momentum stocks have come under the most pressure.

Convertible Investments for a Cloudy Day

In "Convertible Investments for a Cloudy Day," Steve Klouda explains how the Calamos team uses convertibles to participate in more volatile industries, with potentially less downside volatility.

Emerging Markets Should Fire Their PR Firms

Nick Niziolek discusses the negative sentiment that has engulfed the EMs overall, and where the Calamos team sees encouraging developments. He also speaks to the team’s long-standing caution about investing in countries like Russia.