We believe our shared experience and perspective ensure consistency of process and provide uncommon stability to our organization.


As of April 30, 2010

A Single Team, Integrating Insights

Our team is structured to foster consistency, stability and investment excellence. In keeping with our heritage as a boutique institutional asset manager, our investment team works as a single group, across strategies. Ideas and research are shared in an environment of collegial collaboration, unfettered by silos and fragmented teams. We believe that this team structure enhances our ability to capitalize on investment potential, as each strategy benefits from the totality of our capital structure research and thematic insights.

The team is led by Co-Chief Investment Officers John P. Calamos, Sr. and Nick P. Calamos, CFA. John and Nick have worked together for more than 25 years, and our team is carefully organized to promote the transition of our investment process to every member. Our team is composed of more than 50 investment professionals.

Our senior strategy/sector analysts are instrumental within this team. Working closely with our co-chief investment officers, the senior analysts are organized by sector and are responsible for company and security research within their respective areas. They are also responsible for investment process application and monitoring. Our intermediate analysts contribute research and attribution expertise; junior analysts focus on modeling, optimization, and administration. A seasoned trading desk is responsible for liquidity monitoring, trade execution, exit strategies and synthetic structures. While risk is managed by all members of the team on an ongoing basis, our group also includes dedicated risk management team. A robust systems development group manages our proprietary technology systems, including application development and support, model maintenance and model feedback.